Duramax Industrial Products

Because for over 40 years we’ve set performance records in the pump industry that other bearings manufacturers are still trying to reach.

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Because the hydrodynamic properties of rubber and engineered design allow sand and grit to be flushed away, reducing damage to bearing and shaft.

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Because our advanced water-lubricated rubber bearing technology outperforms hard surface bearings in abrasive conditions.

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Because our molded nitrile rubber formulations are custom-engineered for high performance to meet processing requirements in the harshest environments.

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Duramax® Industrial Cutless® Water-Lubricated Bearings
Available in Sleeve and Flange Design, Metallic and Non-Metallic Shells.

industrial bearings
Duramax® Industrial Advanced Water-Lubricated Bearings
Available in Dovetail Stave and Locking Stave Systems.

romor bearings
Duramax® Industrial Industrial Stator Pump Bearings
Engineered Solutions for Progressive Cavity Pumps.

stator bearings